crimes of mike recket

A failed real estate agent who has amassed huge personal debt, Mike Recket (Nicholas Lea) has fallen on hard times. His stunning but spoiled wife Jasleen (Agam Darshi) has kicked him out, refusing him visiting rights to their infant daughter. But Mike has met what could be the answer to his money problems in the form of lonely widow Leslie Klemper (Gabrielle Rose), and he has a plan in place that could set everything right. Then: Leslie goes missing. Enter a troop of solicitous cops lead by Detective Shane Knost (Paul Skrudland) to encircle Mike and his family as they investigate the woman's apparent disappearance, which may or may not have involved Mike.



Directed by Bruce Sweeney

Producers:  Bruce Sweeney, Rafi Spivak

Executive Producer: Kevin Eastwood

Cast: Nicholas Lea, Gabrielle Rose, Paul Skrudland, Agam Darshi