do you really want to know?

Produced by Kevin Eastwood and Optic Nerve Films, and directed by Academy Award-winning director John Zaritsky, Do You Really Want to Know? is a feature-length documentary about the complex emotional, ethical and psychological issues surrounding the new frontier of predictive genetic testing. The film follows three families who have been confronted with the decision of whether or not to be tested for Huntington’s disease – a degenerative neurological illness that is akin to having ALS, Schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease all at once. As scientists discover more ways to identify diseases before we know we have them, “do you really want to know?” will be a question more and more of us will face.

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Directed by John Zaritsky

Produced by Kevin Eastwood

Presented by Knowledge Network in association with TVO


  • Winner: Best Documentary (Science/Medicine), Yorkton Golden Sheaf Awards
  • Winner: Best Director (Non-Fiction), Yorkton Golden Sheaf Awards
  • Winner: Chris Award (Science), Columbus International Film & Video Festival