Directed by Jacob Tierney and starring Sonja Bennett, James Caan and Danny Trejo, Preggoland is a romantic comedy produced by Kevin Eastwood and Optic Nerve Films. When 35-year-old Ruth ruins a baby shower with her juvenile antics, her old high school cronies – who are all mothers now – promptly de-friend her. But when she is later mistakenly thought to be ‘with child’ she is inexplicably welcomed back into the group. Although she initially tries to come clean, the perks of pregnancy prove far too seductive to ignore. Written by Sonja Bennett, Preggoland is a comedy about our societal obsession with babies and the lengths we’ll go to be part of a club.

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Directed by Jacob Tierney  |  Screenplay by Sonja Bennett

Produced by Kevin Eastwood and Dylan Thomas Collingwood

Cast: Sonja Bennett, James Caan, Danny Trejo, Laura Harris, Jared Keeso

Distributed by Mongrel Media (Canada), Gravitas Ventures (USA)