oil sands karaoke

Directed by Charles Wilkinson, Oil Sands Karaoke is a feature documentary that was produced by Optic Nerve Films and executive produced by Kevin Eastwood. Set in one of the most controversial places on the planet— Northern Alberta’s infamous tar sands – the film follows five oil sands workers all striving to make a better life for themselves. The work is hard, the hours long – and the whole world hates what you do for a living. How does one cope? With karaoke of course. A film like no other, Oil Sands Karaoke will make us laugh, sing along, and perhaps re-examine our biases.

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Directed by Charles Wilkinson

Produced by Tina Schliessler & Charles WIlkinson

Executive Producer: Kevin Eastwood


  • Winner: Best Director (Non-Fiction), Yorkton Golden Sheaf Awards
  • Winner: Best Documentary (Nature), Yorkton Golden Sheaf Awards